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About B.Haley

B grew up in the inner city streets of St. Louis, MO, and walked down destructive paths filled with violence in an 'every man for himself’ environment. B was saved by the grace of God during that time and his life has never been the same. God led B to Nashville where he has part of one of the most renowned Christian bands, TobyMac and the DiverseCity band, and 8 years ago — God gave B a vision that he hasn’t been able to shake. A vision for our world to live united and to come together. To put down the many differences that divide us and pick up one major that unites us ~LOVE. Armed with a blazing passion to make this world a better place, the We Are 1 Movement was birthed.

WE ARE 1 is a movement with Purpose. It’s a lifestyle.
To LoveUnite and Build 
a community of 1.

Powered by Love we EXPECT to make a difference in the world by loving each other through our never ending Service to each other and being united. We can do more together than we could ever do alone.

This movement includes speaking engagements to share the message of Jesus and unity,  fashion apparel that allows us to give generously to those in need (over 50% of the proceeds go directly to meeting the needs in communities around the world). We exist to LOVE and to make an eternal difference by spreading We Are 1.